Jacqueline Desmarais Foundation
Photo credit: Yves Renaud


2022 – Financial Assistance for Production of Performance Demos

The Jacqueline Desmarais Foundation is pleased to announce that the following 42 talented young Canadian opera singers have been selected to receive financial assistance for the production of audio and video demonstration recordings. This is an exceptional program that will help singers advance their performing careers:

Daniela Agostino
Olivia Barnes
Olivier Bergeron
Spencer Britten
Lauren Bryant-Monk
Sébastien Comtois
Ariane Cossette
Marcel d’Entremont
Matthew Dalen
Máiri Demings
Adanya Dunn
Catherine Dupressoir
Kendra Dyck
Julie Ekker

Bridget Esler
Gwenna Fairchild-Taylor
Jocelyn Fralick
Vartan Gabrielian
Marion Germain
Paulina Gonzalez
Wesley Harrison
Luka Kawabata
Leila Kirves
Kcenia Koutorjevski
Juliana Krajcovic
Lyndon Ladeur-Jhuty
Kirsten LeBlanc
Nicole Leung

Marie-Chantal Marquis
Lusila Mazi
Owen McCausland
Laura Nielsen
Andrea Núñez
Karoline Podolak
Carole-Anne Roussel
Bruno Roy
Stephanie Sedlbauer
Jonelle Sills
Tamar Simon
Sarah Sum
Ana Toumine
Hillary Tufford

We congratulate all the recipients and wish them all the best in this creative endeavour.

Jacqueline Desmarais Foundation for Young Opera Singers

Photo credit: Yves Renaud

The Foundation supported me at a crucial point in my development. I still feel today the impact it had on my career.

Jean-Michel Richer, tenor

The Foundation allowed me to confidently spread my wings and follow my dream to make a living as an artist.

France Bellemarre, Lyrical Soprano

Photo credit: Yves Renaud